Imagine it now… after a long day rushing about making sure all of the day to day jobs are done for your household, just a moment to relax in the sunshine. Breathing in the fresh air amongst the rolling hills on the edge of the South Downs. Listening to the song of the evening birds and the gentle summer breeze.

Enjoying the company of like minded people, 
stretching the body after a long day, 
connecting with your breath,
reconnecting your mind and body,
enjoying a moment mindful pause with a totally immersive guided relaxation.

You have come home to yourself, ready to go again, fully relaxed and recharged.

Come and join me on Thursday’s this July. 
Perfect for absolute beginners and beyond with clear instructions and adaptations offered. 

£30 for all 4 sessions or £8 each.
Exact location will be sent upon booking.
*2m spacing between each mat. 
*Free parking.