Ayurveda is an Eastern Medical System which is over 6000years old. Today more and more people are turning to alternatives to Westernised medical systems to help treat their mind, body and soul.

I am currently completing my Ayurvedic Diploma with Sam Watts from Mind-Body-Medical.

As part of my Diploma I need to complete case studies. For this I am offering consultations at a discounted price. You will recieve:

2×1 hour consultations either face to face or online.

The first one will be to gather information and to discuss what you would like to gain from our time working together.

The second one will be 1-2 weeks after the first and I will be coming back to you with a fully researched treatment protocol and we will talk through it and how we can work it into your life so that it is personalised and fits you!

You will also receive two 10 minute phone call check-ins to see if any tweaks need to happen to support you with your treatment.

Once I am fully qualified this consultation package will be £300. At the moment as these will be used as case studies for my diploma, I am offering the package at a discounted price of £100!!!

You can see my availability for consultations below which can either be in person or online.

Please do message me if you would like to book a consultation or you would like to ask any questions regarding these.