Aerial Yoga

Discover a new dimension to your yoga practice with our exhilarating aerial classes! There are days when we may not feel fully engaged, or prefer to stay grounded, but embracing aerial yoga can elevate your experience to extraordinary heights.

Feel the gentle embrace of silk supporting you in classic poses like warrior, tree, and dancers, extending your time and enhancing your stretch. The silk creates a secure and comforting cocoon during shavasana, adding a touch of luxury to your relaxation.

Unlock a world of possibilities with inversions, like the supported handstand, made accessible with the assistance of silk. Enjoy the sensation of elongating and relaxing the spine. Inversions are entirely optional, offering complete support and a delightfully enjoyable experience. Elevate your yoga journey – where the sky is the limit, and the silk is your trusted partner in achieving new heights!

Venue: The Yoga Shed, Wickham Square

Day: Saturday

Time: 11am-1:00pm

Cost: £35 per session