Moon Yoga

Come to Butser Ancient Farm and enjoy an evening around the fire in an ancient home, nestled on the edge of the South Downs. Embark on a celestial journey with our exclusive monthly Full Moon Yoga circles, a unique exploration that delves into the enchanting essence of each lunar cycle. Immerse yourself in invigorating yoga, soul-soothing meditation, and receive a carefully curated crystal of the month to enhance your connection.

Elevate your experience further by embracing the art of journaling, capturing the uniqueness of each full moon’s energy and translating it into personal growth. Join us in releasing what no longer serves you and bask in the transformative power of the moonlight. This is not just a class; it’s a monthly rendezvous with the cosmos, a sacred space for self-discovery, and an opportunity to elevate your mind, body, and spirit.

These circles continue to run each month either in the Little Woodbury, an ancient Iron Age roundhouse or in the great Saxon hall around the open fire. These evenings have a different magic to them during each season of the year. Take the time to look up at the skies with minimal light pollution so prevalent today. Connect back to yourself and nature to emerge refreshed.

I am excited to be offering Afternoon Moon Retreats.

Come and spend half a day learning about the waning moon and how to work with her energies. Sharing the afternoon practicing restorative yoga and enjoying a sound bath, yummy treats and journaling with likes minded women.

Set in The WOW Clinic studio with skylights and bifold doors you can connect with nature whilst staying warm and dry.

In June 2024, we will take a look the Waxing moon symbolising growth and in September the Full Moon symbolising energies alongside harvest.

You can book on to these Moon Retreats below as individual events or book all of them together to guarantee your space: