School Yoga

As a fully trained primary school teacher with a degree in Psychology with Sociology, I am fully aware of the need for a relaxed and happy child. This helps them to deal with their emotions effectively when adversity hits both as a child as well as giving them the tools and understanding as they move into adulthood. It also enables them to self regulate and access education.

If you would like to discuss this provision in your school setting and what it could look like, then please do get in contact with me.

Primary Schools Offering

I have been trained and mentored by Sam B Yoga. I have completed my 100hour course and am excited to deliver Primary school Yoga through stories, adventures, games and play. 


*are adapted to incorporate many areas of the National Curriculum,

*can be themed around your schools individual projects and texts,

*are age appropriate. 

Classes are taught considering children’s anatomy, physiology and development and as well as ensuring health and safety policies are adhered to.

Holly’s Harmony Yoga can offer your school regular Yoga classes within the curriculum as part of PE or PSHE, an after-school or lunch-time club, or classes to meet the needs of children with specific needs such as those under pupil premium. Complete with Fully Qualified Teaching Status, Holly’s Harmony Yoga can also cover PPA time.

Primary Schools offering Holly’s Harmony Yoga

Queens Inclosure (After-School Club)

Teen Yoga Offering

I have completed my 100hour Youth Yoga Teacher Training with Nathalie at Live, Love Yoga and would love to be able to support more young people when dealing with their own mental wellbeing, by giving them the tools they need to thrive.

Teenage mental illness is now on a steep incline and Yoga and Mindfulness has been proven to benefit Mental Health.

Yoga and Mindfulness Classes and Workshops by Holly’s Harmony Yoga are now being offered across East Hampshire. These classes are specialised and meet the needs of young boys and girls developing into adulthood. Students will be taught different postures, breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises and relaxation techniques and advised on cautions and benefits. Regular classes are an ideal way to combat stress in the lead up to exams.

If you are a Secondary School or College and are interested in running a workshop or a regular class then please contact me below.

Secondary Schools providing Holly’s Harmony Yoga

Horndean Technology College

What the teens say about the sessions:

“Good fun and relaxing”

“They made me less stressed about exams and other things”

“They are relaxing and release stress”

“Brilliant way to clear my mind”

“A good use of time”

“Helpful, calming and friendly atmosphere”