Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world.  It was first documented 5000 years ago in the Indus Valley, same as yoga.  However, it is probably more like 6000-7000 years old as it would have been practiced and spread through word of mouth prior to being documented in the ancient Vedic texts.

The Science of the Moon

The moon has many phases of her cycle but in this series of blogs I am going to focus on the main four. Each cycles takes between 27 and 29.5 days.  Some months have two full moons or two new moons.  This leads to a black or blue moon.  This is quite a rare occurrence hence the phrase, once in a blue moon! The moon is very powerful and controls the tides, so it makes sense that it has a huge influence on us with our constitution being 50-60% water.  The very high and very low spring tides are when it…