Introduction to the Chakras – Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is located between the brows. It is related to intuition. If it is out of balance you may struggle with brain fogginess, migraines, forgetfullness, poor memory. When it is in balance you may be able to visualise and imagine things more clearly. In Sanskrit it is known as Ajna.

To work with this Third Eye Chakra, you can work with one or a couple of these techniques:

*The colour to imagine between the brows is Indigo shining brightly.

*Repeat to yourself ‘I see clearly, I see the path ahead, I am calm.’

*Crystals to work with are Amythyst, Purple flourite and Lolite.

*Use Neroli oil or Bay Laurel essential oils.

*To awaken the Third Eye chant ‘AUM’.

*Use the Third Eye mudra. Place your hands in front of your breastbone and press the tips of the middle fingers together with the knuckles of the rest of the fingers against each other and folded into the palms.

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