O-U of Holly’s Harmony Yoga

We are nearly at the Full Moon Yoga evening so there are just a few more letters for us to cover…

O is for Online Yoga
Even though weekly classes are back face to face there is still an online yoga option where you can still practice yoga even if you cannot make the physical classes.
Not only that, weekly classes are recorded and you are able to access them again and again if you are booked into the weekly classes or just have access to them if you miss a class as life happens.

P is for Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga
I have specially trained with Sally Parkes to be able to offer Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga to support others during this amazing transition in their lives.
I returned to yoga during my first pregnancy and continued with it through all 4 pregnancies. I struggled with pelvic girdle pain in each of my pregnancies, the pain was so severe I was on crutches. The yoga really helped.
I also enjoyed returning yoga after having my children to help heal and nurture my body, focusing on gentle movements to support the altered posture, abdominal separation and pelvic floor. You is so amazing for every stage of life.
Now I am offering 1-2-1 or small group prenatal and postnatal classes to support you in a safe and supportive environment.

Q is for Quieting the Mind
In my yoga classes I tend to work towards quietening the mind as thoughts will inevitably arise.  We work on acknowledging the thoughts and releasing them or focusing the mind elsewhere to give your brain a break from the constant thoughts racing through your mind.  I often like to think of the mind like wild horses and your are trying to tame them and reign them in.  It takes a lot of time and patience and it happens in stages.  Be kind to yourself.  If I ask you to not think about horses, what will you inevitably envisage? Horses, the same works with stilling the mind.

R is for Royal Pigeon
There are many variations of pigeon pose which is one of my favourite poses in yoga.  It is great for opening the hip and helping with sciatica.  Royal pigeon is with your head up high as opposed to Lazy pigeon where you rest the head down.  How do you do yours? 

S is for Savasana
This is the delicious part of the yoga practice where your body absorbs and processes all of the poses.  Simply lie down on your back.  If you have lower back issues then bend your knees allowing your feet to be as wide as the mat with the knees dropping in, alternatively lie flat allowing your feet to drop out to the sides, palms either face up to receive the goodness of your practice or down to help you feel grounded.  Allow the eyes to close or the gaze to soften and notice your breath.  Enjoy!

T is for Tadasana
This is Sanskrit for Mountain pose.  Feet are roughly hip distance apart.  Start by rocking back and forth through your feet to really feel your balance.  Once you find a nice stable point, pause, lift and spread your toes, feeling length through your spine, shoulders back and down with arms resting by your side. Feels as strong and stable as a mountain.

U is for Understanding Yourself
Tune into your own body and learn to understand yourself. Yoga is very much about listening to what your body is telling you on any given day and time. You will not arrive on the mat each day feeling the same, life throws use curve balls, so listen to where you are today. Take the practice at your own pace. Each side of your body will probably be different in each pose and that is perfectly normal. Be kind to yourself.

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