What has been going on???

What Has Been Going On??

An awful lot has been going on behind the scenes here at Holly’s Harmony Yoga.

I am nearing the end of my Ayurvedic Diploma. Almost all of the learning has been done and I have been compiling case studies for my final assessment. Then I will be a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner specialising in Women’s Health and Mental Health.

Recently I have started a 12 month deep dive into the philosophy of yoga with Laura Green. I am currently looking into daily, monthly, lunar, seasonal and yearly cycles and how I can embed a morning routine to support me further with the daily cycle. I have learnt a lot including the fact that I do not like endings, so I am trying to reframe them as opportunities for new beginnnings.

I have undertaken a 10hours CPD Menopause Yoga Course with Diane Lee at The Academy For Yoga Teachers wo help me better with supporting womens health to go alongside my prenatal and postnatal training. Also a 12hours CPD Essential Oils for Yoga Teachers.

My next adventure feels like it is amalgamating my knowledge and skill set. With my degree focused on Psychology and Sociology, being a primary school teacher and a yoga teacher, I am training to deliver yoga in schools with the wonderful Samantha Bernice of SamB Yoga and Nathalie Wilhelm from Live Love Yoga. I feel the need to go and teach children lots of tools to manage their mental health when adversity hits. Life has shown us way too often that this is just not addressed well enough in our society.

Aside from that I am offering a one night only sleepover at Butser Ancient Farm with yoga, fireside story telling from professional story teller Dawn Nelson and wonderful sweet treats. Weekly prenatal yoga classes as well as a 7 week block of Essential Yoga where we will be exploring essential oils in our yoga practice. Oh and outdoor yoga to support 30 days of yoga for Cancer Research.

Really excited!!!

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