Pass the Popcorn?

So, the world of Ayurveda is totally and utterly overwhelming!

There are morning routines, evening routines, new ways of eating, new ways of exercising… The list goes on and on and in my head, I find it completely and utterly crippling, making these changes.

You know it is so, so good for you, but my perfectionist streak goes “no, Holly. This is too much, abandon it now and run for the hills!” which I have done. I have paused it because I felt it was too overwhelming and then I end up back here, off work sick again and, do you know what? These changes in my daily life are easier than taking a week or two off work every month or even once or twice a year because I have not looked after myself.

I don’t wish to put myself through being unwell because I refuse to take the time to look after myself.

So, my first step is to get my sleep routine sorted and eating three meals a day without snacking. This is an awful lot easier said than done when I get in from Yoga and want to bowl of popcorn to feast on! However, it is something I am willing to do and I know after a couple of days, it will get easier and easier and I will wonder what all the fuss was about and I will wonder why I kept putting up these barriers in my own mind to this change.

These “simple” steps will be what we will explore in my restorative “back to lifestyle basics” retreat. Let’s support each other through these changes, holding each other accountable for change.

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