Tree pose is excellent for balance.

?‍♀️ To prepare, squeeze the core and the glutes.
?‍♂️ Come onto the toes on the right leg. Keep a small micro bend in the supporting leg.
? Move the knee out to the side. You may stay here or bring the foot onto the calf or the thigh. Make sure you do not rest the foot on the knee.
?‍♀️ Focus the gaze on a still point on the horizon for balance.
?‍♂️ Hands can come to the heart in prayer position or arms can come overhead as if they are tree branches.? Root down to rise up. Imagine roots are growing down from your feet to stabilise you. With a strong core and trunk, and the branches spreading out overhead, blowing in the breeze.Gently and with control release out of the pose, bringing the right foot to the ground and try on the other side. Always listen to your own body! Hold a wall or a chair for stability if needed.

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