I feel everyone just needs some “me time”. Sometimes when I am really busy, keeping up with modern day life (5 children, 2 old dogs, cat, guinea pig, corn snake, husband, work, house to run) I feel I don’t have the time to have “me time”.

I am really starting to learn “me time” isn’t selfish, and it actually helps to give you more time (well not actually time but more productivity!). By taking time doing something for you, it means that you are able to serve everyone better. How many of you have heard the sayings: you can’t pour from and empty cup, you have to put your oxygen mask on first. They are totally right!

If I take time to do some yoga I start to feel guilty that it is time I could be spending with my children, or cleaning, or sorting the weekly food shop. But I actually find, it gives me time to step away from the situation and come at it a fresh. I am able to connect better with my children as I am coming from a calmer place. I am able to think straight about how I am going to feed the 5,000 over the next week!

You need that time for you. Just try it, you may just love it!

You are more than welcome to join me for some online yoga. If outdoor yoga is more your thing you can take me out into your garden on your phone and do the session there!

I cannot wait until we can all meet up for some magical moon yoga workshops to really indulge ourselves so we can be the best version of us.

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